Our Story

Established in 1956

This Is Our Story

From the very beginning, this is our story.

Sal & Dom’s Pastry Shop was established in 1956, by Salvatore Rapisarda and his son-in-law Domenick Cavallaro. Sal had been an established baker when he arrived from his native Sicily after World War II. Upon his arrival in the U.S., he continued passionately working in this creative profession. Dom had apprenticed throughout the city, at several top bakeries, adopting and perfecting some of the finest recipes and procedures.

In 1972, we moved to a bigger location in the Allerton Ave. section of the Bronx. Upon Sal’s retirement, his other son-in-law Philip Pollicina assumed a full-time position as manager. Dom, along with his wife Fran, & Phil along with his wife Millie, managed the bakery at this location until it was sold in 1990.

After selling the first Allerton Ave. location, we began working out of a location on Gun Hill Rd. & Fenton Ave. The business focused on selling to restaurants & catering halls throughout the Bronx & Westchester. It was not uncommon to have made over 30 wedding cakes a week during these years.

Perhaps we missed dealing with our loyal retail customers, or perhaps it was at the behest of those loyal customers, we returned to a retail based bakery. After acquiring the 1108 Allerton Ave. location, Sal & Dom’s re-opened to the public after a 6 year hiatus.

Our Philosophy

Although the bakery has changed its locale a few times, our principles have not. Our experience, carefully selected ingredients, & dedication allow us to produce a high quality, fresh product, at a fair price. Relying on these principles has created a large, loyal customer base for many years with generations of families. As we proudly enter our fourth generation as a family owned and operated business, we look forward to continuing to provide the same high quality products that have become synonymous with our name over the past 60 years.